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Blog Topic : Selecting A New Gym or Personal Trainer

Lets get started by giving some thought as to what are important things to consider when selecting a new gym or trainer.

People Heavy Rotations surveyed on this gave these as the top 6 things that influenced them in choosing the gym or trainer.

Important Aspects To Consider When Joining A Gym

1/ Atmosphere the gym has created and focus of the gym.

2/ How clean the gym is kept and the condition of the locker room.

3/ Selection of Equipment and classes being offered.

4/ Opening Hours and patronage at peak times.

5/ Membership  deals and the binding contract terms.

6/ The reciprocal rights the gym has with others establishments.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Fitness Trainer

1/ Their experience in the industry.

2/ Their qualifications and where they were gained.

3/ Their experience with clients of your level of fitness and goals

4/ Their ability to listen, communicate well and have empathy with the client.

5/ Their own appearance and if they convey the look and energy you expect.

6/ Their passion to ensure they do everything to achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals.

Click these Wikipedia links as a good resource to find out more about gyms and personal trainers

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Post 20th August 2014

Gym Review Sites 

A great feature of the internet is the review sites that have emerged in every niche from home appliances to restaurants. gyms and personal trainer review site have proved very popular also.

Regardless if you are looking for a New York Gym Review, the Best Sydney Gyms or trying to find the Best Personal Trainers In Sydney  when your are traveling down under, you can find many authoritative gym directory sites listed high up on page one of Google when searching for these.

These review sites are listed high as they are extremely popular and attract a lot of visitors to them. People love to read about what gyms and personal trainers are available where they live or visiting.

Part of the popularity is the extremely competitive nature of the gym industry. This being the case their are always many incentives to encourage new gym members to visit their facilities like free passes or complimentary time with the gyms personal trainers.

What has your experience been with gym directory and review sites?

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Author : Marilyn Day